Complaint Procedure


The following procedures are used for all citizen complaints. All complaints should be submitted in writing in order to maintain the integrity of the complaint for all parties involved. A complaint received by a Board member, a CAD officer or staff member, or a taxing entity representative, shall be:


I.    Referred to the Taxpayer Liaison Officer;


II.    The Taxpayer Liaison Officer shall review the complaint and provide a copy of same to the Executive Director/Chief Appraiser, and, request all supporting documentation from the Executive Director/Chief Appraiser to be used in review and investigation of the complaint;


III.    The Taxpayer Liaison Officer will make the complaint known to all parties involved and advise the Board of Directors of the El Paso Central Appraisal District;


IV.    The Taxpayer Liaison Officer shall have a written evaluation of each complaint available within the first month of receipt, if not sooner. The complaint will be reported to the Board at its first meeting following the submission of the complaint;


V.    The Taxpayer Liaison Officer will keep all parties, including the Executive Director/Chief Appraiser and the Board of Directors, informed of each new development of the complaint and report on the status of the complaint until resolved. All complaints will remain on file with Taxpayer Liaison Officer and be part of the recorded minutes of the Board of Directors’ meetings when presented.